How will I feel following a treatment?

Your response to the treatment will be unique to you.
Most people report feeling relaxed and calm, some feel energised and others lethargic, this will depend on your current needs. Reflexology aims to create a state of balance so no matter how you feel following a treatment you can be assured that the response is having a positive impact.

If you do experience any of these responses it is important to inform your reflexologist at the next treatment so that sessions can be tailored to your requirements.

Do I need to provide anything for the treatment?

Just your feet!
A reclining chair will be brought to your home, all you need to provide is a suitable area where you can enjoy the treatment in peace.

Some clients like to have quiet music playing in the background.
You may wish to choose a room where it is possible for you to hear your chosen music, this can often aid the relaxation process.